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Special Events
The Walk of Faith Health Recovery Project Has Arrived!
Hawaii Retreat  
Walk of Faith Ministries is now offering an extraordinary opportunity for healing and health. We are conducting intensive 3-day seminars and more in-depth 10-week health classes around the country to help stem the tide of chronic disease by providing real practical tools for overcoming disease and maintaining good health in a world where staying well has become a real

challenge on a daily basis. Teaching some of the most effective methods known to combat disease through diet, exercise, and other alternative treatments, those who have not found relief through conventional medical treatment can develop a new lease on life while at the same time deepening their faith as Christians. It is our belief, from personal experience, that healing even the most serious diseases can be accomplished through the methods God gave us, as revealed in scripture. Arnie Suntag, the founder of Walk of Faith Ministries, was healed from what the doctors believed to be terminal illness by changing his diet and lifestyle - following a regimen using natural herbs and remedies (see Arnie's testimony). The results have been the same for others who trusted in the Lord and followed the kind of lifestyle prescribed by the Bible. It is our fervent hope that those who are suffering with chronic illness and are discouraged, will avail themselves of the opportunity we are now providing through our ministry. Naturally, we strongly advise consulting with your physician or naturopath before embarking on any kind of diet or lifestyle modification, particularly where the use of natural remedies are involved. This is for your own safety and reassurance, since major changes in diet, and especially the use of natural supplements, can conflict with certain medications or physical conditions (for those already receiving conventional treatment including pharmaceutical drugs). For more information on our programs click here.


Bible Prophecy Seminars
Time is Running Out
Periodically, we may be conducting prophecy seminars in your area conducive to the diligent and unimpeded study of God's word. Our prophecy series focuses on understanding the signs of the end times as well as the messages in the books of Daniel and Revelation. The seminars present a comprehensive view of world events as they relate to these Biblical messages, with startling graphics and fascinating in-depth historical perspectives. Those attending the seminars will leave with a clear understanding of Daniel and Revelation, and be able to share their insights with other Christians seeking the truth. For more information on upcoming prophecy seminars, contact us with your particular interest or sign up for our newsletter to keep abreast of all upcoming ministry events.

An Unusual Testimony
Arnie Suntag
Arnie Suntag frequently shares his testimony and messages of faith and hope at churches around the country. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive information on speaking schedules and other ministry events in your area, along with the latest news on health, fitness, and Bible prophecy. If you would be interested in having Arnie speak at your church, please contact us with your particular interest along with your contact information.
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