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The Rational Christian - Book Cover  
We live in a world filled with half-truths, clever marketing ploys, and outright deceptions. How do we know when we have been told the gospel truth, or whether we have been taken in by colorful lies? In The Rational Christian, a startling exposé on the end times, Arnie Suntag explores the many myths, fallacies, and false teachings that have permeated our churches over the centuries through clever manipulation and distortion of scripture. Beginning with an eye-opening inventory of world events and their relationship to the end times as described in the Bible, The Rational Christian launches into a study of history and scripture that will leave many stunned – questioning beliefs and practices they have religiously followed all of their lives.
Connecting the pieces of a prophetic puzzle, The Rational Christian reveals the intricate relationships between people, places, and historical events that, over the centuries, insidiously altered the Gospel as it was taught by Jesus and the Disciples. It poses the age-old question: if almost everyone goes along with an idea, does that make it right? Jesus warned that in the Last Days deceptions would abound and many would be deceived (Matthew 24). Have you been deceived? Read The Rational Christian and find out for yourself!
Printed in the USA.. ISBN: 0-9748527-0-8.. Library of Congress: 2004090304.. Paperback - 298 Pages.
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