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Videos and Audio
Praise the Lord - TBN

Praise the Lord (32 minutes).  Arnie relates his remarkable transformation from marginal Christian to the founder of a ministry that has included a lifestyle center in Hawaii and an evangelistic outreach during a segment of Praise the Lord on TBN Trinity Broadcasting Network. TV Watch 

Praise the Lord - TBN

Walk of Faith (24 minutes).  During an interview on Praise the Lord (TBN) Arnie talks about the chronic disease epidemic and how to overcome and prevent these diseases through faith and natural non-conventional treatment. TV Watch       

Praise the Lord - TBN

Praise the Lord - For Health! (90 minutes).  Arnie and Dr. Terry Shintani, author of The Hawaii Diet and frequent guest on CNN, talk about health and the Bible on TBN's Praise the Lord. This important show contains some genuinely memorable moments. TV Watch

Sermon on Biblical Principles - Kona Hawaii

The Abandonment of Biblical Principles (64 minutes). In one of Arnie's last church appearances in Hawaii, he explains how departing from Biblical principles beginning at the turn of the 20th century has ultimately led to the major problems plaguing America today. TV Watch

Where are the Elders Sermon Where are the Elders? (51 minutes). An eye-opening message that compares the Israelite saga to today's society and how by becoming hooked on worldly temptations we have set a poor example for our children. It admonishes us that if we are going to "train up a child in the way he should go" then we need to be following God's principles ourselves. TV Watch
Where are the Elders Sermon History Repeats Itself (71 minutes). The Bible contains many prophetic examples that can be compared to the present day. This message illustrates the startling link between ancient Israel and its apostasy, and the events happening in our church today. It carries a very strong admonishment: “those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”TV Watch
Helpline with Morris Cerullo

Helpline with Morris Cerullo (16 minutes).  In an inteview on Helpline with Morris Cerullo filmed before a live audience at CBS Studios in Hollywood, Arnie shares his testimony of overcoming cancer, along with insights on faith and healing chronic disease through natural and safe non-conventional treatment. TV Watch

Arnie's Testimony

Arnie's Testimony (13.5 minutes).  Finding a true relationship with Jesus Christ involves perseverance. Reflecting on his life, Arnie shares with a church in Honolulu some of the experiences that led him to Jesus and to found Walk of Faith Ministries. TV Watch

What is a Christian

What is a Christian? (49 minutes).  Professing to be a Christian means being Christ-like.  This sermon is about what it takes to be a true Christian.   Far too many professed believers merely say the words without meaning them (Matthew 15:8). TV Watch

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