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The Health Dilemma
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We receive numerous prayer requests each day, and most of them are related to health issues.  Millions of Christians are suffering with cancer, heart disease, and other serious illnesses and do not seem to understand why.  Although most will admit that what we eat plays a role in our overall health, few realize just how much diet affects our ability to resist and overcome disease.  Even fewer are
aware that the Bible has always told us what to eat for optimum health.  Of all people, Christians should not be sick!  So, how did this happen?
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Over the past decades, the foods we eat have changed radically.  The problem began when we started packaging and processing foods.  Today, virtually all of our foods have been enriched, preserved, or modified in some way to fit into our busy high tech lives.  But is this healthy?  Jesus warned us that in the end times there would be so many deceptions that, if possible, even God's chosen  
would be deceived.  Unfortunately, most of us have bought into the clever marketing ploys and mainstream thinking about food that has, over the past few decades, resulted in needless death and disease.  Instead of looking at Biblical truth, we rationalize our poor eating habits, become sick, and then rely on modern medicine to bring our health back to us.  We pray that the Lord will guide the doctors to help us, when He has already given us the wisdom to make the right choices in preventing or curing disease.  
Fresh Fruit  
There are many testimonies in the world today about how cancer was cured, tumors eliminated, and degenerative diseases like arthritis reversed.  The true success stories involve one basic element - proper diet.  Many are astounded to discover that a predominantly raw vegan (vegetarian) diet can prevent virtually any illness and, by adding a few natural herbs or increasing certain foods, can 
cure even the most challenging diseases.  But this fact is discounted by many, because it seems too simplistic in a media-driven world that has been trained to turn to doctors before using the very natural remedies that the Lord has graciously provided since the beginning.  Consider the testimony of  Dr. Lorraine Day, a renowned physician, who recovered from advanced cancer through diet alone, at  Or review the story behind Hallelujah Acres and Rev. George Malkmus at You can also learn the amazing story of a family of Russian immigrants who, through raw diet and exercise, cured a variety of serious diseases including juvenile diabetes.  You can read their story at  Be sure to check out our useful links for more info.
Over the months to come, we will be presenting exciting news about diet, exercise, and disease, along with some amazing personal testimonies.  Don't miss out!  Be sure to sign up for our newsletter Answers to learn more.  Also, be sure to check out the Walk of Faith project and our new health retreat in Hawaii. The Lord gave all of us the ability to stay healthy so that we can be better witnesses to others.  Take advantage of this blessing and get your lifestyle back on track.  Remember, our bodies are the temple of God (1 Corinthians 3:16).
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